"Work like  a Champi0on, TRAIN TO WIN!"




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Our workout regimen violates every sense of the theory "Just Do It" that's what separates us from the rest. We are not in the Gym to just go through the motion but to kill, to dominate, to destroy. Our training encourages you to grow and always to improve and trump the previous workout. The only way to do it is all heart, body and mind. All or nothing! The only person that can beat you, is you. You are the only competition that matters. Work like a champion and  train to win. 



In each service I provide 1 on 1 training with a free diet plan.




The journey is def life changing! This year started off my worst weight but is finishing off as my best! 198lbs now 176lbs 5wks later! ( yea Man we just getting started, You ain’t done wit me)  I promise to whine at the early workouts, the new challenges and the extra weights. Lol BUT I promise to win by never cheating the process, showing up 100% like my life depended on it... because it does!  You helped me to dig deep, detox the lies that Told me I couldn’t do it. You didn’t just tell me I could accomplish my goals, YOU Showed me! Thank you for the tough love, and motivation but most important for holding the mirror in front of me so I could see the truth! 

Salute King! Strong Mind, Body and Spirit! 


Carolyn S

My weight loss journey has been a roller coaster! Literally! I would start and then stop, just to see the scale drop by 10 and go up by 15! 

My last doctor visit, my physical came back good, but THIS weight! I had to do a double take! 198!! I told my kids and friends I’m getting serious this time!  

Angels  went to work to help me, after meeting you thru a mutual friend, you agreed to help me exceed my goals!  5weeks later 198 pds dropped to 176!  Thank you Henry! Not just for pushing me to hit this 1st mile stone, but for helping me grow spiritually! Your daily push and motivation helped me to break mental limits and fight for what I want. My goal is to go all the way because you helped me to see that I CAN!  Phase 2...Here I come!! 

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